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Boone Trail Corvette Club Advertising / Sponsorship Policy

It is the considered policy of Boone Trail Corvette Club that all persons or entities wishing to place personal and/or commercial advertisements, sponsorships and/or links on our club website or within our monthly newsletter, Trail Talk, abide by the following general criteria.  It is also the policy of the Boone Trail Corvette Club that any person or entity wishing to place personal and/or commercial advertisements, sponsorships and/or links on our website or within our newsletter, Trail Talk, can be denied, without cause, if so decided by the Boone Trail Corvette Club Board of Directors.  Monthly limitations are established as five(5) advertisers and five(5) sponsors.

The (commercial) business entity in question shall be in current good standing with consumer advocacy groups such as the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List,,etc. and shall have no significant litigation in process against them.  Investigation of applicant is to be conducted by one or more BTCC BOD member(s) appointed by the President.  All applicants, personal and/or commercial, shall provide complete current contact information and commercial entities shall have been in business for no less than two (2) consecutive calendar years prior to the application date.


For current paid members of Boone Trail Corvette Club, personal ads for Corvette-related items are free and ads will be placed on the website and in Trail Talk for the current month.  Non-members may place personal ads only after joining Boone Trail Corvette Club.

For all commercial advertising,  which may or may not be Corvette related,  the rates are tiered as follows and run for three (3) consecutive months:

$50.00 - Places a single-color text-only link on our Links web page.

$75.00 - Places a small color icon link on our Links web page.

$100.00 - Places a medium color icon link on our Links web page.

$200.00 - Places a large color icon link on our Links web page.


Sponsorships are limited to Corvette related entities.  Active sponsors as of August 12, 2013 are “Grandfathered” and as such are accepted at their proprietary rate.  Sponsorships are tiered as follows:

$500 - $1,499 – Sponsorship for twelve (12) months:  Places an ad inside Trail Talk and a large color icon link on both our Home and Links web pages.  In addition, advertising space will be made available for sponsor-provided print media at major events such as car shows and autocrosses.  Additional display material may be considered with a case-by-case review.

$1,500 and higher - Premier Sponsorship for twelve (12) months:  Only one Premier Sponsorship will be entertained at any given point in time.  A Premier Sponsorship places an ad on the outside cover of Trail Talk space permitting (first-come, first-served) and provides all of the benefits of a Sponsor as described above with additional benefits as negotiated with BTCC representative(s).  These benefits may vary depending upon available space and funding provided.

Annual renewal reminders will be sent electronically to advertisers approximately 60 days prior to expiration of current advertisement.  Failure to respond will result in the entity being removed from both Trail Talk and the web site.


BTCC Board of Directors

August 12, 2013


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Copyright © 2012 Boone Trail Corvette Club. All rights reserved.

 Revised: 08/12/13



Click HERE for a printable version of the Advertising Policy.