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How We Got Started

Long ago (1972), when air was clean and sex was dirty, two proud Corvette owners, who lived in the western area of the Metropolitan St. Louis area, decided to start a Vette Club for owners in this neck of the woods.

These two great thinkers/owners who had this brilliant idea were Ron Reinhardt and Dave Sanson.  At that time Ron owned a 1964 Roadster and Dave owned a 1965 Coupe.  The two "membership directors" went to work.  They contacted others they knew that were proud owners of a Vette.  They actually had to make phone calls and talk to others that shared their passion.  They did not have the Internet or e-mail to make contacts.  Imagine??? They invited them to a meeting.

The First Gathering

The turnout was small, with six people showing up.  The original six were Ron Reinhardt, David Sanson, Ken Benham, Jeff Schroer, Phyllis Avery and Sorge Hull.  At this meeting the Boone Trail Vette Set was born.  In 1974 the name was changed to Boone Trail Corvette Club and the home of the club was moved to St. Charles County, Missouri.

How Did the Club Name Come About?

Defiance, Missouri in St. Charles County was the last home of Daniel Boone.  You remember him, he wore the infamous coonskin cap and buckskin clothes with fringed leather trim.  An American pioneer and frontiersman (1784-1820).  He blazed the wilderness in Kentucky and later Missouri.  Reckon he was doing some advance scouting for the Vette plant in St. Louis and eventually Bowling Green, Kentucky?  A quote by Daniel: "I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks."  The admittance of being lost may sound very familiar to some members of the club.  He went on his final hunting trip at the age of 83 and died at 85.  Daniel finished out his adventures living with his son Nathan in Defiance, Missouri.

Many anecdotes of Boone folklore are recorded.  So with the same adventurer spirit and tenacity as Daniel, the cub's initial trailblazers agreed on the name Boone Trail Corvette Club.  Thank God they did not make any by-laws that mandated that members wear coonskin hats.  However, some members have been seen wearing clothing with "fringed" leather trim.  So over a 35 year span, there are many "tails" of Boone Trail and the evolution and development of the club.

Racing, car shows, social outings, community service, friendship, fun and the threads of common interest, the love of the Vette, have woven the fabric of our club.  We are all proud to wear the BTCC member logo and be a part of NCCC.

Driving Down Memory Lane

Some of the members, Sig Sutherlin, Jim Schwent and Ron Reinhardt are Charter Members and still active in the club.  Here are a few updates:

Ron Reinhardt: It's hard to believe, but Ron has not missed a meeting or sanctioned event in these 35 years.  Is that commitment, passion, or compulsive behavior?  Ron is still very competitive in autocross events.  Ron's original ride, a 1964 Roadster that he campaigned with for many years, is still in his family.  You can watch Roger (Ron's son) run the "wild Child".  Nowadays, Ron runs a C6.  Ron says it's better with air and power.

Jim Schwent: both are Drag Race Record holders.   Jim still holds the CLA record at 14.65 with his 1962 fuelie.  Sadly, Charter member Sig Sutherlin passed away in October, 2009.  He was an active member to the end and held a 1A class record with his 1966 coupe (12.78 set on 05/04/99 until 07/28/05).  Sig's Automotive is one of the very few garages listed in Corvette Fever as a place to go for Corvette repair.

Club Activities/Accomplishments

We are part of the West Region of NCCC.  Car shows, fund raisers for local charities, parades, rallies, autocrosses, hosting the NCCC 1998 Convention, social outings, dine-outs, something for every interest!  Our members give generously of their time and resources and want to make certain that members and friends have fun sharing their passion and knowledge.

In fall of 2007 we celebrated our 35th anniversary by hosting a party.  Current members attended the party and we invited as many former members that we could locate.  We are grateful for the few former members who traveled quite a distance to be with us and celebrate!  The day started with a very exciting and fun rally through St. Charles County Boone "trails" aka highways and byways.  About 100 folks gathered for dinner and a slide show presentation of some of our hysterical historical events and to reminisce.  We had a special guest. Greg Fadler, Chief Engineer of Aerodynamics of GM Racing.  We all learned a great deal about the "future" and commitment by GM to racing.

It was an unanimous vote, the anniversary party was a success and everyone is excited about the bright future of Boone Trail Corvette Club and what the next 35 years will bring.


 This was originally written by Bill Rush in 2007 for our 35th anniversary.  The club continues to expand membership, creativity, and fun!  A few details have changed, but we're still going, stronger than ever!

Bill passed away in summer of 2010, but his memory lives on.  Founding father Ron Reinhardt still actively participates in many events and as of yet never missed a regular monthly meeting since 1972!  Former member and 2011 Governor Larry Walker set a new Drag Race Record for the NCCC 2B class in his 1965 convertible.  In 2010 the club embarked on  its most ambitious event yet, a road trip to meet the Blue Angels flight demonstration team at their home base in Pensacola, Florida.  16 club cars made the 2010 trip and 24 cars in 2012 for a return visit, overcoming several obstacles along the way.  For 2013 the now annual Road Trip saw 11 cars  journey east to visit fabled Tail of the Dragon and Biltmore Estate.  Mid America Motorworks gave BTCC a 2-page spread in the 2010 Funfest Yearbook to help commemorate the first Pensacola trip.  Boone Trail Corvette Club had a club showing at the 2010 Funfest (and continues to do so), and while there, member and Webmaster Vince Gabrunas's 1974 custom coupe was selected to be a feature article in VETTE magazine (August 2011 issue).

We've had many great experiences over the years, and look forward to many more in the future!  We host and participate in many types of events including parades, car shows, road runs, dine-outs, autocross, drag racing, rallies and charity fund raisers.  We are always open to new ideas!

If you would like additional information about Boone Trail Corvette Club, please contact any of the officers via email, phone or in person at a meeting or event.  We'd be happy to talk to you!

Are you ready to join Boone Trail Corvette Club?  Download the membership application form HERE!

Click HERE for founding member Ron Reinhardt's story of the origin of Boone Trail Corvette Club!

Boone Trail Corvette Club holds or has held several NCCC Drag Race records.  They include:

Rick Criswell - 1A

Jim Schwent - CLA

Sue Schwent - LCLA

Sig Sutherlin - 1A

Larry Walker - 2B